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  • Getting Help Paying Your FPL

Getting Help Paying Your FPL

Budget Billing
FPL has a service that will calculate an average amount for your electricity bills and charge you that price each month. That way, you won't have one month where your bill is really low and another where it is really high.
Get more information about budget billing.

Help with Monthly Bills
Depending on your income, you may also be able to get help paying your bill through LIHEAP, a program that helps people pay for gas or electricity.
Find out if you can get LIHEAP to pay for some of your energy costs.

If You Can't Pay Your Bill On Time
Even when you try your hardest, it can be difficult to pay bills on time if the money just isn't there. FPL has set up an extended bill payment plan so your power won't be shut off.
Find out if you can get extended bill payment if you're behind on your bills.

If you are receiving government benefits like social security, you can pay your bill up to one month late through FPL's 62Plus Plan. Find out if you qualify for the FPL 62Plus Plan.

Other FPL Services
Find out what other services FPL has to help you keep your bill lower


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